Customers expect a fully integrated digital experience when they buy products online, and in today’s ecommerce world, it’s critical for companies to deliver that streamlined experience to retain customers in the increasingly crowded space.

To start making progress, it makes sense to look at fulfillment first. It’s no secret that ecommerce platforms require a number of applications to be running in parallel in order to get that package on your doorstep in under 48 hours or, in this case, get you a great deal on the trip of your dreams.

Companies invested in offering this experience need a constant stream of accurate, real-time customer data to stay informed on what products are being purchased and where they are headed. There’s often a disconnect between a customer making a purchase  and the end-to-end fulfillment process, resulting in a bumpy customer experience and a lot of time wasted on manual data entry.

Azuqua can eliminate this potentially negative experience by connecting your CRM and order fulfillment applications. A joint Wrike and Azuqua customer fought this challenge head on by connecting Salesforce, a CRM, and Wrike, a project management software that they use for order fulfillment.

The Challenge

A company using Salesforce and Wrike had no way to sync customer sale data from Salesforce, create projects, and sync Salesforce data with Wrike for total customer experience management.

The Solution

In order to connect the dots between Salesforce and Wrike, an automation was implemented that monitors for a sale in Salesforce and automatically spins up a project in Wrike to coordinate the moving parts for fulfillment. This automation routes fulfillment projects based on product codes in Salesforce so that the tasks end up on the right team’s plate and steps can be taken right away to expedite fulfilment.

The Results

This automation has an immediate impact on customer experience, ensuring that the transition from sales to ful llment is as efficient and pleasant as possible. By eliminating the manual steps between systems, customer data is kept consistent and no details are lost in translation. Fulfillment can be executed more efficiently and customers’ expectations are always met with prompt and accurate service.

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