In sales, few things take higher priority than progressing leads through the funnel and closing deals. To be more effective, sales teams are using cloud-based CRMs like Salesforce, Hubspot CRM, and Pipedrive. In this apps arms race, customers expect an elegant brand experience that seamlessly incorporates onboarding, customer success, nurturing and more.

Because of this, teams are under pressure to connect workflows across their siloed cloud applications, but this can be a complex and costly task. To help eliminate this problem, many companies have gravitated toward full-stack solutions that combine multiple departments into a single application, but unfortunately, it’s at the expense of best-of-breed functionality.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Your team can embrace the best SaaS apps on the market without sacrificing integration or security by connecting your apps on integration platforms like Azuqua. The best CRMs can be integrated seamlessly with other best-of-breed SaaS apps used by marketing, support, and engineering.

With Azuqua, you can skip the headache by eliminating the need for code and dramatically reducing the cost and complexity of harmonizing the work of your key customer-facing departments. Here are just a few examples of how Azuqua can improve your sales team efficiency and help you close more deals by integrating inter-departmental tools and automating repetitive tasks:


1. Fast Track Fulfillment


There’s nothing like the excitement of signing that contract and closing the sale. But don’t relish in the moment too long, as it is a key turning point for your new customer. The seamless transition to fulfillment is an essential next step.

Using Azuqua to integrate Wrike with Salesforce will get the job done in no time. When a customer purchases an item online, it triggers a sale in Salesforce and simultaneously a new project in Wrike to coordinate the moving parts of fulfillment.This integration eliminates the manual steps between systems by routing projects based on product codes, making sure the right team is assigned to the task. Customer data stays consistent and can’t get lost in the shuffle.

The end result is a happy customer, with Azuqua handling the heavy load of transitioning from sales to fulfillment–giving sales teams back the time to focus on prospective customers.


2. Ramp Up Engineering


Once a sale is complete, the sales team relies on engineering to have the right information to deliver the right product. Azuqua can bring together Salesforce, Jira and Amazon S3 to improve the accuracy of customer data within Salesforce and automate integrations with engineering.

The integration between Jira and Salesforce creates transparency for engineering tasks specific to customers. Subsequently, all of this information can be pumped into a BI tool of choice (Amazon S3 for example) so that advanced reporting on customer data can inform sales if engineering is meeting customers’ needs–all without ever leaving Salesforce.

With this integration, teams can monitor product delivery and stay informed without ever having to set up a conference call with engineering, saving time and allowing sales to focus on what they do best.  


3. Streamline RFPs


Simply mention the word RFP and you’re sure to get groans from the staff involved in preparing it. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With Azqua’s powerful Salesforce, Smartsheet and Dropbox integrations, aggregation of key details are handled in the background.

For example, when an RFP is received in Salesforce, that can trigger an RFP tracker built in Smartsheet. Each new entry triggers a new Smartsheet project sheet, which is subsequently filled with the necessary information from Salesforce.

Once the baseline information is set, users check a box in Smartsheet that gathers all the relevant information and drops it into a specified folder within Dropbox. Conditional notifications make this integration workflow even more powerful–stakeholders can get alerts when files are uploaded to Dropbox. Eliminating a laundry list of mundane work and data entry will make your team happier and allow them to focus on doing what they do best: nurturing leads and closing sales.

These are just a few examples of how you can streamline your sales team for better efficiency and a better overall customer experience.

With over 184 connectors, there are endless combinations of Azuqua integratrations and automations to streamline your business. Browse our app library now.