This past week we delivered two exciting new features that deliver a whole new set of possibilities for your FLOs.

If/Else/If Branching

If/Else/If lets you specify different actions to run based on multiple if/ else functions, giving you the logic branching to solve more complex use cases.

The If/Else/IF enables the FLO to specify different actions to run based on multiple if and else/if conditions. After processing the logic branching, you can then rejoin the branches to complete the execution of the FLO. Each branch feeds into the same output, eliminating redundancy of cards and streamlining FLOs.

If Error Handling

Azuqua’s new “If Error” function card allows you to easily build custom error handling notifications and workflows without extra child FLOs. You can now continue your FLO even if an error occurs midstream, giving you the ability to better plan for and handle errors. Read more about If Error in this Azuqua Community post


Design Desk

Design Desk is in session! Interested in putting these features to use but not sure where to start? Schedule a design desk session to learn how.

Connector Update

Seven new connectors have been added since our last update. Interested in seeing the whole list? Check out our App Library.