Gainsight is a customer success platform that enables companies to monitor and engage with their customers to deliver a personalized and seamless experience. The platform uses big data analytics to monitor health according to sales data, usage logs, support tickets and much more. Gainsight empowers companies to improve team and task coordination, track business outcomes and streamline operations.

To accomplish this, Gainsight has created a number of pre-built connectors that allow their customers to seamlessly integrate key data from a variety of specific platforms, such as Google Analytics, Mixpanel and Segment. All other data requires the use of an Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) connector.

Improving The Business Process

Like many leading cloud application providers, Gainsight uses its own application. Their internal instance is called GonG (or Gainsight on Gainsight) and it’s used, for example, to prepare for investor meetings, secure references from existing customers, and most recently to help with training. Being a rapid growth startup company, it’s critical that new Gainsight employees are able to learn about the product and onboard quickly.

David Derington, Gainsight’s Manager of Educational Services, recognized an opportunity to use GonG to update employee records in the platform as part of the training process. The goal was to tie HR records to account information and to correlate and build tracks for new employees (primarily Customer Success Managers) to learn about the platform. This would allow them to better prepare and meet customer needs. But to do this, David needed to find a way to get employee records from their HR system into Gainsight.

Isolating the Amazon S3 Buckets Problem

Since the company lacked a pre-built connector for their HR system, David realized he needed to use the Amazon S3 connector to get the employee records into Gainsight. Unfortunately, even though he had all of the credentials for the Amazon S3 bucket, the S3 connector would not allow him to enter the credentials without access to the AWS dashboard. By default, Amazon S3 buckets are private and only accessible by the AWS account that created it. The owner can optionally grant access permission to others, but this requires writing an access policy. Since Gainsight did not want to give employees access to the AWS dashboard or write a custom access policy that could take days or even weeks, David was unable to finish the S3 configuration.

A Simple Solution With Azuqua

To solve this problem, David used the Azuqua platform to build a powerful, yet simple FLO (workflow). First, when a new employee record is created in the HR system, an email is automatically sent to David’s Gmail account. A workflow is then triggered by Azuqua that monitors all incoming messages to Gmail, and the ones from a specific email address are then isolated. Next the FLO checks to see if any of the emails have an attachment. If the email meets the search criteria (from x address with x attachment), Azuqua downloads the information from the attachment and automatically uploads it to the Amazon S3 bucket as a CSV file.

David is able to choose a name for these files and once it is saved to the S3 bucket, Gainsight uses a configuration to look for the file name coming in, map the fields of the file, perform an update and automatically archive the file in Gainsight with a time/date stamp.

“This was a really effective solution for getting information into an S3 bucket without having to involve IT. And frankly, I use this automation for more things than just this use case, and plan to use it for many more. When I showed my IT team, they were amazed at how easily I’d created these automations. When I started this process, I didn’t know anything about FLOs or how they worked. Azuqua is really straightforward, it’s powerful and fun to use.”

Key Business Benefits

Azuqua helped David get critical files from the HR system into Gainsight. In addition, the new workflow helped with:

Accessible Data: All employee records are now readily available in Gainsight.
Improved Productivity: David can easily pull information to more quickly and efficiently train new employees through a smooth onboarding process.
Saved Time: David doesn’t have to spend time manually entering data into Gainsight; instead it’s automatically pulled directly from the HR system.

Want to learn more about Gainsight’s use of Azuqua? Check on the on-demand webinar recording here.