By now, we should all understand the importance of customer success and the role it plays in driving business growth. As a matter of fact, a recent HubSpot research survey showed a direct correlation between organizations that prioritize customer success and the ensuing growth that occurs. Specifically, 83 percent of respondents at companies with growing revenue felt it was very important to make customers happy, compared to just 58 percent at companies with stagnant or decreasing revenue.

To help drive this sort of growth, Gainsight offers one of the most powerful customer success platforms. It allows organizations to retain customers, drive revenue and scale operations by harnessing customer data to manage at-risk customers and grow healthy ones. And, to make the platform even more effective, Gainsight has partnered with Azuqua so customers can connect other key cloud applications and build workflows (FLOs) that help teams across marketing, sales, support and more, to better collaborate and communicate.

If you’re a Gainsight user, consider implementing these three FLOs today.


Make customers happier with a workflow between Gainsight + Zendesk

It’s hard to understand if your customers are happy if you don’t have complete insight into their interactions with the company. For example, customers often directly reach out to support to resolve issues, instead of contacting their account managers. This can create a disconnect if those systems are not properly synced. If you’re using Zendesk for support and ticketing, consider building a workflow and connecting Gainsight to automatically sync critical customer information. This will allow your team to stay up-to-date on customer support tickets and track the progress of issues with engineering.


Create an actionable bad NPS response plan with a workflow between Gainsight + Your Project Management Platform

Using Azuqua you can build an automated workflow between Gainsight and your project management tool of choice ((Workfront, Smartsheet, or Wrike for example) to automate Net Promoter Score (NPS) follow-ups. For example, when a bad NPS hits Gainsight, automatically kick off a detractor template FLO that creates a list of action items in your project management application, such as Workfront or Smartsheet. (Get some example survey templates and responses here.) This allows your team to ensure proper follow up with dissatisfied customers. One of our customers actually built a flow that assigned low customer scores to specific executives for follow-up.


Surfacing S3 data in the Gainsight UI

If you’re a Gainsight user and need to automatically pull data into the platform, native integrations exist for Google Analytics, Mixpanel and Segment. But, what if you have other kinds of data? For example, maybe you have a BI platform with data about your customers. For all other data, Gainsight allows you to set up Amazon’s Simple Storage Service or S3. Traditionally, uploading this data to S3 is a manual process and requires you to have admin access (which isn’t likely to happen). But with Azuqua, any Gainsight users can build a FLO and automate a recurring data upload to S3. This means you can get any information you need into the platform without having to pull in an admin.

The S3 integration and FLO can be a real game-changer for Gainsight users. Want to learn more? Click the link below to get all the details and best practices for this integration.