Azuqua has a new look!

With 2018 in full swing, we wanted roll out the new UI that we’ve been working over the past few months. This redesign is built for the future, improving access and visilibity of our current features while also making room for new features that are coming soon. 

We know changes can take some getting used to, so we’ve included a few notes and product screenshots to help with the transition.

Home Page Changes

The Home Page changes were focused on the Primary and Secondary Navigations. The changes were made to improve usability and also provide room for upcoming features.

  • The Help Menu moved to the main (blue) Navigation Bar and is illustrated with a question mark. 
  • Notifications were moved next to Help with the bell icon and will alert users of new notifications with a red dot.
  • Settings has been moved to the left side of the main Navigation Bar and includes settings for your team, connector authentications, and subscription. 
  • You can now switch between multiple organizations with the drop-down arrow found next to Home on the main Navigation Bar.


Designer Changes

The Designer changes focused mainly on the Secondary and FLO Navigations with the purpose of making different views more accessible and streamlining the FLO Navigation. 

  • You can now access FLO designer, FLO History, and the FLO Chart on the Secondary Navigation.
  • Action buttons like Save, Test, and Zoom are now located on the FLO Navigation and are represented by colored icons.


Execution History Changes

The Execution History updates are all about usability. Previously, execution history felt like it was taking you to a different page but actually wasn’t. By putting both FLO chart and execution history in the secondary navigation, we were able to separate action buttons from features and also solidify execution history as a separate page and feature. We’re also planning some cool features soon that will fit perfectly in the secondary navigation.

  • You FLO Chart and Execution history are now located in the Secondary Navigation.
  • Execution history is now a separate page and feature.
  • To return to a FLO from execution history, click “FLO” found on the Secondary Navigation.