In 2017, cloud application adoption continued at a staggering pace, with enterprises using more than 500 cloud applications. With this increased reliance comes an opportunity for companies to build powerful integrations and automations using platforms like Azuqua, that don’t require custom code or specialized skills. So what integrations and automations drove our customers forward in 2017? Here’s our list of the top 10:

10. Gainsight + Zendesk

Sync customer success and customer support data across Gainsight and Zendesk for a real-time view and status of customers.

9. Salesforce + Jira + Amazon S3

Sync information between Salesforce and Jira to monitor engineering tasks for specific customers and automate the creation of engineering tickets, and automatically pull real-time customer data into S3.

8. Workfront + Jira

Connect project management and engineering teams by spinning up a Jira issue when an engineering tag is detected for a task in Workfront.

7. SAP + Smartsheet

Extract data from SAP and automatically seed it directly into the proper projects in Smartsheet based on custom rules and logic.

6. SurveyMonkey + SalesForce + Zendesk + Slack

When a customer completes a survey in SurveyMonkey, sync data with a CRM so stakeholders can review, create a Zendesk ticket for low NPS (Net Promoter Score) results and Slack the customer service rep and sales rep for follow up.

5. Salesforce + Smartsheet + Dropbox

Streamline the RFP process by eliminating the manual transfer of key information from Salesforce into Smartsheet and automatically save key RFP info in a Dropbox file.

4. Smartsheet + Google Suite

Systematically extract project data from Smartsheet into Google Suite templates for more consistent data processing and more accessible statements of record.

3. Salesforce + Wrike

Following a customer’s online purchase, trigger a sale in Salesforce and automatically spin up a project in Wrike to coordinate the moving parts for fulfillment.

2. Salesforce + Jira

Increase product deployment efficiency by syncing deployment items to Jira after an opportunity is marked “Closed Won” in Salesforce.

1. Salesforce + Zendesk

Increase the speed of ticket resolution by bi-directionally syncing Salesforce case and Zendesk ticket information.

With Azuqua, anyone can connect their key applications and automate their work. What used to take weeks or even months of custom development and large IT budgets can now be accomplished in just days and for a fraction of a cost.

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