Learn how PLZ unified planning and product development is using Smartsheet and Azuqua to automate and route tasks, reducing their time-to-market from 8 to 5 weeks and decreasing the number of emails back-and-forth by 86%.

PLZ Aeroscience are aerosol industry experts, with over 2,500 products in market, billions of aerosol cans filled, and 13 different business units. Launching over 300 products a year, PLZ was challenged by time-intensive manual processes and an overwhelming amount of email to coordinate across different departments and manufacturing plants.

Watch Dan Palasky, Director of Research & Development at PLZ Aeroscience, and Steven Yi, Vice President of Marketing at Azuqua, to hear this real world example of streamlining company-wide communications for faster, more efficient product onboarding.

Want to learn more about PLZ Aeroscience use of Azuqua? Check out the on-demand webinar recording here.