Did you know that the first U.S. Thanksgiving in 1621 was a three-day affair? As we sit around the proverbial Thanksgiving conference room table here at Azuqua, we have a lot to be thankful for. But, instead of locking our team in the office for a three-day pumpkin pie-eating contest, we’ve decided instead to share three “SaaS-y” things we’re thankful for as a company.

  1. Automations and Workflows
    Thanksgiving is all about connecting with others, and at Azuqua, we love making connections that help teams communicate and collaborate more effectively. If you haven’t started building powerful workflows by connecting your SaaS apps, consider these three automations as inspiration:

    • Zendesk + Gmail: When the inevitable Thanksgiving cooking crisis hits (“Why isn’t the turkey done yet?!?!), it’s awesome to have someone step in and save the day. In the same vein, customers want to feel like they’re having a personal interaction with a specialist when working through support issues. Unfortunately, support applications often require teams to use templatized emails that don’t mimic more human approaches. That’s why we love the workflow that can be created between Zendesk and Gmail. Once a ticket is created in Zendesk, this automation allows support personnel to bypass standard email templates and communicate with the customer via Gmail, while tracking the history and details consistently in Zendesk.

    • ServiceNow + Jira + Slack: Solving customer issues fast is key to retention (learn more in our ebook), but doing that effectively means sharing information across teams and applications. With Azuqua, teams can automatically route incoming bug tickets from a support application, such as ServiceNow, into a developer tool like Jira to accelerate a fix. Updates can be bi-directionally synced to ensure teams are kept informed, and Slack messages can be sent to the incident owner when the project is updated.

    • Wrike + Salesforce: It’s important to keep projects flowing as you head into the busy holiday season. This workflow increases efficiency by syncing new Salesforce Cases with corresponding Wrike projects. When a new Case has been created in Salesforce, automatically spin up a Wrike project and sync relevant information. When updates are made in Salesforce or Wrike, bi-directionally sync data to keep both teams up to date.

  3. Business Productivity Gains
    Much like the holiday Turducken that allows you to efficiently cook and consume three types of poultry at once, our platform empowers organizations and teams to improve business processes and efficiency, saving time and money. While we’re thankful for Turducken, it’s especially rewarding when customers share success metrics, like these three recent gems:

    • Reduced the average time it took to invoice a customer from 35 to 10 days – Live Group (a full service events agency).
    • Improved the time it takes to bring product to market by 38%, from 8 weeks to 4-5 weeks – PLZ Aeroscience (a leader in aerosol technology).
    • Eliminated the need for manual entry across 5 different systems to one app that auto-updates other applications – Urban Hardwoods (a producer of reclaimed wood furniture).

  5. Stuffed with New Connectors
    Our team has been heads down, creating pre-built connectors with a broad range of partners. The result? We’ll have to loosen the belt a notch to make room for the more than 165 new connectors we’ve developed in the last 11 months. This means we now have even more connectors that customers can mix and match. Visit our app library for the complete list.