The importance of maintaining existing customer relationships cannot be overstated. Acquiring new customers can cost up to 500% more than retaining loyal ones, and loyal customers can drive an additional 80% of business through account growth.

Using real-world customer examples from Charles Schwab and Hubspot, this webinar shows you how Azuqua connects your SaaS apps to ensure you always provide a seamless customer experience across their entire journey, from the moment they visit your website to closing the sale and making them your biggest fans.

Fostering a positive customer experience requires fully utilizing your SaaS apps to notify the right personnel at the right time, including scenarios like:

  • Prompting immediate action when critical support tickets are created in Zendesk via Twilio-driven SMS.
  • Alerting your marketing and dev team via Hipchat when Google Analytics detects unexpected website traffic patterns.
  • Notifying the right salesperson in Slack for fast follow-up when you have a new opportunity in Salesforce.

View the entire webinar recording, including the pre-recorded live Q&A from the audience, at the link below.