“We all go a little mad sometimes. Haven’t you?” – Norman Bates

Connecting SaaS applications such as Salesforce, Workfront, Zendesk, and Slack, can often feel like a scene from a horror film. But it doesn’t have to. With a little knowledge you can escape the collaboration and productivity nightmare and replace it with automated workflows that streamline business processes and unite teams.

In this edition of SaaS Automation Tricks or Treats, we’re having some fun and testing your Azuqua knowledge. Can you identify which of the following statements are Tricks/Fiction (?) or Treats/Fact (?)?

    1. With Azuqua you can connect SaaS applications in weeks not months, about the same time it would take to replace the bandages on your average mummy. 
        • ?: Azuqua dramatically streamlines the process and allows you to get up and running in just days, while other solutions can take months.


    1. Azuqua is SOC2 Type II compliant, ensuring your SaaS connections are secure from vampires. 
        • ?: We’re serious about security and to prove it, we’ve achieved SOC2 Type II compliance, which validates that our system is designed to keep your sensitive data secure.


    1. Azuqua costs less than your average zombie survival bunker and an armory of swords. 
        • ?: Don’t waste money on expensive automation solutions or custom IT development. It’s easy to get started with Azuqua.


    1. You can connect hundreds of different SaaS applications with Azuqua, without having to sacrifice a chicken or boil an eye of newt. 
        • ?: No chickens are harmed when using Azuqua! Azuqua connects SaaS apps in categories such as Enterprise, Sales, Email, Marketing, IT, Collaboration and more. See the entire list here.


    1. With Azuqua’s drag-and-drop flow designer, you can make powerful logic-driven workflows across multiple apps within days, unlike Jason from “Friday the 13th,” who can only operate a chainsaw. 
        • ?: With Azuqua’s visual designer you can instantly drag-and-drop connections that allow you to make powerful and complex automations and workflows in seconds.


    1. Creating scheduled tasks, or kicking off workflows based on actions in your SaaS apps requires custom code from an army of undead developers. 
        • ?: Talk about scary, we’re trying to eliminate custom coding. With Azuqua, you can run scheduled tasks or kick off workflows based on actions in SaaS apps without any custom coding required.


    1. You still need to invest in additional infrastructure and hardware before deploying Azuqua across teams, but it won’t cost more than the electricity needed to revive Frankenstein. 
        • ?: Azuqua is a cloud service that doesn’t require any additional infrastructure.


  1. Azuqua allows you to synchronize data across your applications so you can eliminate manual data entry and ensure information accuracy, giving you time to fend off werewolves. 
      • ?: Manual data entry is a productivity killer and when that data has to be replicated across other key SaaS applications it not only wastes time, but also increases the chance for error. We automate the process, which breaks down team silos and clears out bottlenecks.

Did you make it through the quiz alive? If so, be sure to download our latest eBook to learn how Azuqua can help you Never Lose a Customer. If you’re ready to connect your SaaS apps, schedule a 1:1 demo now to see how simple it is to get started!