A recent research report found companies that effectively align their sales and marketing teams “can drive between 5 percent and 36 percent of an organization’s growth,” while those that fail to align achieve “sub-par performance.” In an effort to accomplish great team synergy, many organizations are turning to a bevvy of cloud and SaaS applications. The following chart, produced by the Aberdeen Group, shows the value of aligning these teams.

Yet another report predicts that in the next 15 months, 80 percent of all IT budgets will be committed to cloud applications and solutions. According to the report’s author:

“This year’s [2017] investment plans are 66% SaaS, 64% IaaS, and 59% PaaS…”

As you can see, there’s a convergence worth paying attention to. Cloud applications offer amazing scalability and accessibility for organizations, and with new cloud application connecting technologies (like Azuqua), teams can create custom automations between apps that improve alignment between teams by improving workflow and communications.

The Numbers Tell the Story: Why Alignment is Worth the Effort

So Why Should You Connect Your Cloud and SaaS Applications?

In a recent blog post, we highlighted a real scenario that illustrated the potential for losing a customer when SaaS apps were not connected. Circular Logic Corp’s (a fictionalized name) lead salesman, Joe, was getting bogged down with multiple manual processes that could easily be mismanaged every time he closed a new deal. It highlighted the convoluted process required to on-board a new customer from sales to marketing when apps don’t talk to each other. But by working with Azuqua, Circular Logic Corp was able to streamline and automate that process to ensure better communication between teams (via apps) and a better experience for the customer.

Unfortunately, teams today are often stuck in silos when it comes to their tools integrating with each other. Which results in poor team communication, incorrect information, poor data accuracy across systems and more. This lack of alignment results in frustration, lost revenue, and unhappy customers – when sales and marketing departments should be empowering one another.

When Apps Talk, Teams Win

Here are some ways that sales and marketing teams win by connecting cloud and SaaS apps:

  1. Campaign Cohesion — Marketing feeds the funnel, which in turn helps the sales team close deals. Content marketing campaigns and sales lead campaigns work best when these teams work hand-in-hand to brainstorm, strategize and execute on tactics. Sharing information and ideas is key to campaign cohesion.
  2. Funnel on Fire — Considering that the main purpose for an email drip is to reach current and potential customers, it would make sense for the sales team to have a hand in planning what content drops and when. If these teams work in silos this is hard to achieve.
  3. Accurate Accounts — Dropped balls destroy a good sales cycle. When your cloud applications start talking to each other and annoying manual functions are automated, suddenly accounts in Salesforce are much more accurate and up-to-date, which makes everyone’s job easier.
  4. Revenue Resurgence — As cited above, the research from the Aberdeen Group shows the potential for revenue resurgence and increased deal size – two factors that should never be ignored.

Get Your Sales & Marketing Aligned Through Your SaaS Apps

There’s a perception in the market that creating cloud application integrations and automations is difficult. And that perception is on point considering that traditional methods often require custom coding by an IT department’s top talent (taking them off other jobs) or the acquisition of expensive application development teams. That process can be long, painful and expensive.

But, there’s a better and more cost-effective approach to achieving the type of automation needed to drive alignment between sales and marketing. Azuqua empowers you to get it done right, in days not months, without breaking the bank. Our library of hundreds of cloud and SaaS connectors completely eliminate the need for custom code. This enables departments and teams, rather than IT, to create custom automations that improve workflow and communication.

What marketing and sales apps can you connect today with Azuqua? Here’s just a sample from our comprehensive list of connectors:

  • Marketing – Active Campaign, Allocadia, Bing, Eloqua, HubSpot, MailChimp, Mandrill, Marketo, SendGrid, Whispir and more.
  • Sales & CRM – Dynamic CRM, HubSpot CRM, Infusionsoft, Insightly, Oracle Sales Cloud, Pipedrive, QQ Catalyst, Salesforce, Zoho CRM and more.

If you want your teams to celebrate more, panic less, schedule a demo with us today.