“Nimble” is not a word typically used to describe large organizations. The general perception is often that big companies are the victims of their own management processes, which create silos that break down communications between groups, stifle innovation, and block opportunities. But investment powerhouse Charles Schwab is bucking that trend by deploying technology solutions designed specifically to drive team collaboration and data synchronization. The net result? A nimble marketing approval process that has resulted in a 65% improvement in time-to-market for new marketing materials.

“With Azuqua we were able to automate the workflow and notifications around the approval process, which netted a 65% improvement in time-to-market for new marketing collateral.”

– Nathan Greer, Director of Marketing Resource Management


To learn more about how they did it, you can view the case study.

We work with many customers like Charles Schwab, who see big productivity improvements when they connect their SaaS apps. The pattern we most often see are inefficiencies due to fragmented or manual processes. We’ve helped hundreds of customers supercharge their apps and business results by first connecting, and then automating, their processes.

Unify Those Processes Across Apps and Departments!

Getting approval for marketing collateral, or project management in general, can be hindered by siloed departments that include multiple internal groups. This multi-layer approval process is typically solved in endless email ‘CC loops,’ and impacts team success and delivery timelines.

To make it more complicated, each team typically uses different SaaS applications selected to fit their specific requirements, personal preference, or department-specific functionality (e.g. Zendesk for customer support), and none of these apps talk to each other.

For example, even with regular manual updates (which creates more bottlenecks) teams using Salesforce may have no idea what’s happening with teams using JIRA, and teams using JIRA get no insight into what the teams using Workfront are up to. There is no integration or efficiency, only redundancy and confusion. 

It’s inefficient to monitor processes, and creates errors through manual data entry and unshared information since each team is using a different application

Connect, Automate, and Supercharge Your Processes

We’ve helped hundreds of customers quickly connect their apps with our comprehensive pre-built connector library for hundreds of SaaS apps. This empowers organizations to integrate data between SaaS apps including Google Drive, Marketo, and Smartsheet, as well as Workfront, JIRA, and Salesforce as mentioned earlier, effectively removing the silos surrounding each teams and departments.

The next step is automating those workflows by notifying the right people at the right time in the apps they use, and the routing of information across those apps, which minimizes manual entry and resultant data entry errors.

Azuqua works with large enterprises like Charles Schwab, but we also help SMB teams and startups thrive. To learn more about our solutions, or to experience how simple it is to connect apps, schedule a demo.