Keeping projects on target across teams and applications is a challenge for any project management organization. With teams producing work and valuable data in disconnected SaaS applications, project centralization is more important than ever.

In this webinar, Workfront, Kids II and Azuqua team up to show you best practices on project centralization. Kids II is a leading producer of baby and toddler toys, including househould brands like Baby Einstein and Ingenuity. 

Learn more about how Kids II, Innovator of the year at Leap 2017, has taken a new approach to project management to increase efficiency by 50%.

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Learn how Kids II increased efficiency by 50%

In this webinar the Kids II software development team shared 3 ways they’ve been able to centralize projects by connecting Workfront, a SaaS project management solution, to other cross-team applications they use on a daily basis. Some of those applications include JIRA, Slack, and Salesforce.

By connecting Workfront to their other applications, they were able to increase speed on project delivery and create a culture of data visibility across their organization.

In this webinar you will learn:

    • Best practices around project centralization and how scattered cloud applications contribute to the challenge of project centralization
    • How Workfront has improved project centralization in their day-to-day operations.
    • Benefits Kids II realized from creating a notification system by connecting Workfront to Slack
    • How Kids II routed new tickets in their customer service software and forwarded that information to the correct team’s app of choice automatically


Derek Adams, Partner Manager with Azuqua

Elisa Chou, Sr. Business Operations Analyst with Workfront

Alan Tabor, Software Dev & Design with Kids II