Azuqua is excited to announce the release of our Workplace by Facebook connector!

With the rise of “on-demand” software services in every industry, it’s no surprise that companies are looking to improve their team collaboration with powerful SaaS applications. Workplace by Facebook is one of these offerings striving to improve your company’s support system as a whole.

Workplace by Facebook is a collaborative platform for the decentralized workplace. Workplace enables employees to communicate, share files, search for information, and collaborate all within a Facebook-style environment they’re already familiar with. Workplace is able to increase cohesion for every team and an entire organization.

Why Azuqua?

Although Workplace is an amazing team collaboration platform, there’s a problem with this cloud application revolution. Rapid adoption of apps means data and teams are getting spread out across many different locations. How do you keep information consistent across all the different apps companies use every day? And, how do you keep people across the company on the same page if they aren’t all using the same apps? The answer is cloud process automations connected to all of your apps.

Why Azuqua?

That’s where Azuqua comes in. Azuqua enables you to automate internal, customer-based processes between Workplace and the rest of your apps. These processes can be set up without the help of IT so they’re created and managed by the people who actually deal with these problems day-to-day. Customize your processes more than any other solution available so that Azuqua can fit to your needs, not the other way around. Most importantly, Azuqua is able to get these processes up and running within days, not months.

Watch our blog, YouTube, and social media for more information about Workplace by Facebook in the future.

The cloud application world requires a glue to connect Workplace and the rest of your apps together. That’s where Azuqua excels.

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