HubSpot CRM + Azuqua: Two FREE FLOs!

Get started FAST with our exclusive deal for HubSpot CRM customers!


Now HubSpot CRM users will be able to make their CRM seamlessly communicate with the rest of their applications. Connecting to MailChimp, Google Apps, Slack, and 100+ other apps has never been easier.

HubSpot and Azuqua are teaming up to provide HubSpot CRM users with the ability to have two free FLOs turned on at one time. We’re also providing these new signups with seven different example FLOs that they can use right off the bat. Continue reading below for a video to help you get started with Azuqua.


HubSpot CRM in Azuqua

Before you set up your new FLOs in Azuqua, it’s important that you watch the starter video above. It shows you how to correctly configure the pre-built FLOs for your HubSpot CRM, Slack, Google Contacts, and MailChimp accounts. Setup is easy and you should have your apps talking to each other within no time. If you have any questions, email us at or post in our community.

Now let’s check out the template FLOs we give you to start in a little more detail.


Increase lead conversion by connecting HubSpot CRM to Slack.

The three Slack FLOs available revolve around achieving faster sales rep responsiveness to leads. Slack messages are sent out to channels or users based around new contacts, closed deals, or lead assignments in HubSpot CRM.



Email marketing communicating with your CRM.

The two MailChimp FLOs make sure that new HubSpot CRM Contacts automatically get added into MailChimp and that new MailChimp subscribers automatically get added into HubSpot CRM. The manual work involved with keeping track of leads between these applications can be eliminated so you can get back to working on what’s important.


Google Contacts

Synchronized applications and teams.

The two Google Contacts FLOs are able to automatically add new contacts in either HubSpot CRM or Google Contacts to the other application. This way, people can use the application they’re comfortable with while making sure others stay informed without manual data re-entry.


We’re very excited about this partnership and special offer!

If you have any questions, post to our community or email us at