Last month, we announced custom connectors. This month, we’re rolling out yet another feature that furthers our efforts in enabling our customers to connect literally anything and everything in the fastest way possible. Announcing: custom code functions.


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Azuqua now enables you to create your own functions using JavaScript. Anything you can natively do with JavaScript, you can now do inside Azuqua. You can also leverage the entire npm module registry, directly from inside Azuqua, by requiring certain modules as dependencies inside your code. This allows you to append even more functionality onto the already powerful tools contained inside Azuqua.

Wait, wait. What is a function in Azuqua?

In addition to connectors (cloud apps that are available out-of-the-box in Azuqua), Azuqua also has a robust set of functions that you can use to manipulate the data that flows from one system to the next. The functions available out-of-the-box allow you to compose a paragraph for an email, construct if/else logic, hash and encrypt data, and much more. See the full list of functions and their descriptions in our documentation.

The existing functions are very robust. Why should I build my own?

There are 3 main reasons why you would want to build a custom function using code:

  • You want to leverage your existing code or a code library within your FLOs. Once you’ve imported them into Azuqua, anyone in the company can use them easily and quickly.
  • You are a developer and prefer to build integrations using code rather than our drag and drop interface because it’s faster for you.
  • There are complex but commonly used operations within your organization that you want to build onto Azuqua so that anyone building integrations can leverage them quickly regardless of their skill level or domain of expertise.

Let’s walk through a few examples that we’ve seen from customers so far.

Create simple or complex algorithms as reusable functions

We have one industrial manufacturing customer that operates in many countries around the world. When creating their automated process workflows with Azuqua, they found that they often needed to convert temperature readings between Fahrenheit and Celsius depending on which country they were operating in.

They were able to create a simple function that converts between the two which saves a lot of time when building new integrations that need the same function.


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Data cleansing and manipulation functions

Garbage in, garbage out. As any data analyst knows, data quality is a huge problem. If you put dirty data into your system, then your intelligence from that data is going to be unreliable.

One Azuqua customer had a collection of data manipulation scripts that they had been using for a few months that were proven to be very effective for scrubbing their customer data. They were able to bring those functions into Azuqua for the rest of the team to leverage as needed. Using these functions in their Azuqua integrations meant that new data would also be cleaned before entering their systems of record in real-time.


Grab from a library instead of recreating the function from scratch

For application developers that are using Azuqua to build entirely new enterprise apps, custom code functions can be incredibly powerful because it essentially opens up the ability to import functions from existing JavaScript libraries with little effort.

For example, we had one developer that needed to add OAuth1 to their application. He was able to find a JavaScript library on GitHub, copy/paste it into Azuqua, do some slight editing to fit the function format, and have OAuth1 available for his FLOs in a matter of minutes.

Try it out for yourself

Code functions add a new level of power and speed to Azuqua that we hope you will find incredibly valuable, especially when developers are involved in creating the more complicated integrations.

While custom code functions are only available in Premier plans and above, we’re giving all our users the opportunity to try it out. Please reach out to us at or contact any Azuqua representative to try it out if you don’t already have access or if you want an in-depth walk through.

Documentation for code functions can also be found here.