Azuqua is getting all geared up for a busy month of traveling from one event to another to give demos and talk about connecting microservices. New York, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, and Orlando are all on our list of cities so if you’re nearby or going to any of these events, stop by and say hi!

For more info about the specific events, continue reading below.

Upcoming Events

O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference – April 3rd-5th – New York, NY

Join us in New York at the O’Reilly Conference where we’ll be giving demos at our booth on how to connect your company’s microservices, cloud applications, and external APIs.

Workfront LEAP – April 10th-13th – Salt Lake City, UT

The next stop on our events list is Salt Lake City, Utah for Workfront LEAP. We’ll be there talking about how important it is for companies to make sure they’re working efficiently across teams. In an increasingly siloed world, how do you bring teams together?

Read more about what we’ve achieved for Workfront’s customer satisfaction by clicking here.

Netsuite SuiteWorld – April 24th-27th – Las Vegas, NV

Near the end of April we’ll be in Las Vegas for Netsuite’s SuiteWorld event. We’ll be joining Smartsheet in attendance and discussing how to connect your project management tools with your ERP. This is an important step in increasing your company’s agility and data consistency.

ServiceNow Knowledge17 – May 7th-11th – Orlando, FL

In May, we’ll be in Orlando for ServiceNow’s event demonstrating how to automate actions based on ServiceNow tickets that connect to the rest of your organization. We have some examples of this concept available on our website already. For example, a free ServiceNow to Slack widget and an article about connecting ServiceNow and Google Cloud Platform.

Workfront Best of LEAP – May 16th-18th – London, UK

We’re part of the Best of LEAP conference in mid-May as well. LEAP and Best of LEAP should both be great events!

We’ll be showing off how powerful we’ve been for Workfront users and Workfront themselves. Read more about what we’ve achieved for Workfront’s customer satisfaction by clicking here.

We’re going to continue to add events to our calendar for the future so keep checking back in our Events category and our Twitter for announcements.