If you use the Google Cloud Platform to run your applications and store or analyze your data, it’s important to connect that platform to the rest of your organization’s applications. Imagine the power that can be unlocked when you connect ServiceNow with Google Cloud Platform services.

Today, we have a video that demonstrates how this can be done using the Azuqua platform.

Connect ServiceNow with Google Cloud Platform Video

This video walks through a FLO to connect ServiceNow with Google Cloud Platform. Specifically, it monitors for new ServiceNow incidents and uses them to spin up new VMs in your Google Compute Engine. Here are the steps that the FLO takes written out so you can follow along with the video:

  1. Monitor for new incidents in ServiceNow
  2. Check the incident to make sure it falls into the correct incident category
  3. Use internal data to determine the required size of the VM
  4. Spin up the new VM in Google’s Compute Engine
  5. Alert the appropriate employee through email in real-time

The best part? This is all set up in less than five minutes.

More Examples

This is just one of the many different ways the Azuqua platform can be utilized to automate your organization. Want to connect ServiceNow to Slack? What about onboarding closed deals from Salesforce to Workfront? Or maybe automatically adding new Zendesk tickets into Salesforce?

Just imagine the possibilities of connecting everything that your company deals with on a daily basis. CRMs, ERPs, SCMs, suppliers, contractors, internal applications, external APIs, and more.

Processes like this one allow your organization to become event-driven and focus on what really matters. Stop spending time creating piping from app to app. Instead, spend time improving and creating your own products.

If you would like to try Azuqua for yourself, sign up for our free trial here. Read more of our resources here.