The realm of customer experience continues to grow in importance. It’s key to realize that companies like Uber and Amazon are doing so well because of their amazing customer experiences.

As a company in the modern world, you need to be able to show customers that they are being heard when they have problems. When customers talk to a company’s representatives, those interactions will leave a lasting impression that shapes the way they see that company. Improving this interaction improves the customers’ impressions and customer experiences overall. Being able to efficiently and quickly respond to customers’ concerns using every channel out there will give your company an advantage over your competitors.

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If it’s such an obvious thing to improve, it’s important to also identify why a lot of companies fail at offering great customer experience. Problems arise because of companies being spread so thin across so many different cloud services. Each team is using the specific programs that are optimized for their needs. This is efficient for their own internal workflows, but customer data across these services ends up being fragmented and unreliable.

Companies will only continue to add cloud services and become even more fragmented. So, the question becomes: How do you connect them easily? How do you make sure your data is the same across all platforms? How do you give your customer service teams the ability to quickly respond to customers’ concerns with all of the correct information?

These questions are answered in a new Azuqua case study about Workfront increasing their customer satisfaction. Find out how Workfront uses Azuqua to immediately allow executives to respond to negative customer feedback, seamlessly transition customers between teams, and rapidly create technology solutions to empower functional teams.

The common customer experience issues addressed earlier cause problems in many companies from all different industries. These issues can be solved easily with Azuqua. Companies can begin to take over their markets with customer experiences better than their competitors.

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