Two months into 2017 and we are continuing to push for more and more available connectors for our customers. Featured connectors this month include applications for DevOps, HR, CRM, and Administrative capabilities.

Read about this month’s featured connectors below.

February’s Featured Connectors

DevOps: Airbrake, Atlas Terraform, Codeship, Vault

Airbrake, Atlas Terraform, Codeship, and Vault represent the continuous improvements Azuqua is making to our DevOps experience. Easily integrate your DevOps applications with the rest of your business without having to worry about changing the way you do things. Seamlessly monitor builds, track bugs, and be alerted about commits, all in real-time.

We are going to continue to expand our DevOps capabilities. Look on our Connectors page in order to see the other available DevOps connectors.


Salesforce 2.0

Salesforce 2.0 is an update to our existing Salesforce connector. Most importantly, this connector is able to process and manage collections in Salesforce. For example, update every single individual contact attached to an account instead of just editing the whole account. Or, create and delete contacts attached to accounts instead of just creating or deleting entire accounts.

Contact a representative if you would like to know more about the updates in the Salesforce 2.0 connector.


Admin Connectors

JIRA Admin, Slack Admin, and Smartsheet Admin are all specialized administrative connectors that allow Azuqua to perform actions that many other integration solutions are unable to. With Azuqua you can create, update, and delete users on all of these platforms. This opens up a whole new world of workflow possibilities.



Zenefits is an all-in-one HR platform for small business that makes it easy to manage payroll, benefits, compliance, time tracking, and more.

Use Azuqua with Zenefits to connect the rest of your architecture to your HR department. For example, start FLOs based around newly hired employees, search through your employees to find someone specific, read someone’s employment history, or any other number of actions.

If you would like to see the rest of the pre-built connectors that Azuqua offers, click here. »