The Internet of Things revolution is underway and your company needs to be part of it. Undergoing digital transformation with IoT will enable your company to disrupt the market and make an impact.

So, to help out, we’ve gathered four great articles to help you learn about the future of IoT and some of the fantastic use cases.

Internet Of Things Market To Reach $267B By 2020 – Forbes

Just in case you aren’t sold on the concept of an IoT-focused future, this article contains projections about the future of the industry. According to this article, $276B will be spent on IoT by 2020. It appears that the majority of the spending will be from transportation, manufacturing, and utilities solutions. Still, it’s going to affect every industry somehow.

Clearly, the Internet of Things is going to be a huge part of the future of technology. IoT will also keep chugging along with or without your company. Don’t get left behind. It’s time to get on board.

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Businesses Should Start Strategizing Now for Internet of Things, Says Forbes Insights Report – Forbes

This article goes more in-depth on why your company needs to plan for the IoT future. If companies “wait and see,” they will end up being passed up by their competitors more open to transformation.

Some of the main benefits of the IoT future are actually accessible in the present. For example, the amount of data that can be gathered for analysis is a goldmine for making decisions. Businesses can be analytics-driven right now and IoT can add to the available data.

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Where Supply Chain Meets The Internet of Things – Manufacturing Business Technology

One of the uses for the IoT is in the supply chain. As Steve Rice writes, “Customers may not see it at the checkout counter at Macy’s or during their online holiday shopping spree, but today’s supply chain — and workforce — are no longer the same.”

Manufacturing maintenance, inventory forecasting, and asset tracking are all benefits of IoT in the supply chain process.

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The Internet of Things Comes to the Lab – Nature

Another interesting IoT scenario is the emergence of connected devices in laboratories to help researchers.

As Jeffrey Perkel writes, “The emergence of connected instruments and equipment promises to untether researchers from the laboratory — letting them fine-tune experiments and analyse data remotely. It allows lab managers to monitor instrument use and catch potential equipment failures before they happen.”

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Clearly, the IoT is going to only get bigger. Every industry will be affected. Being early to the revolution could be the difference between success and failure.

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