Azuqua has passed another milestone.

We’re starting off 2017 strong and officially hit 90 available connectors. That century mark gets closer and closer!

Read below to learn more about the connectors released this month and other updates.

January’s Featured Connectors


Consul is a tool for discovering and configuring services throughout your infrastructure. Consul provides capabilities for service discovery, failure detection, multiple datacenters, and key/value storage. Consul serves as a distributed and highly available system in your company’s architecture.

Use Azuqua with Consul to automatically register new services, monitor Consul services for events, read data centers, and more.



Gitlab is an application to code, test, and deploy code together. It provides Git repository management including code reviews, issue tracking, and continuous integration.

Azuqua and Gitlab can be used together to automate issue management, track Git repository usage, and connect your repository to the rest of your teams outside of IT.


JIRA 2.0

JIRA 2.0 is an overhaul of the original JIRA connector. This iteration includes collections, files, and new cards. We already had a JIRA connector but we felt that it needed an update. We have also made sure that FLOs using JIRA created before this update will continue working.

Use Azuqua with JIRA to create a more agile engineering team and connect them to the rest of your company’s teams automatically.



JetBrains TeamCity is a powerful DevOps tool for continuous integration and deployment. TeamCity allows developers to work more efficiently and faster than ever before, and now you can tap into that with Azuqua.

Use Azuqua with TeamCity to automatically create new projects, start a new build, get tag details, and more.

Other New Connectors This Month

  • Atlas Packer
  • Atlas Vagrant
  • Atlassian Bamboo
  • Exchange Calendar 2013
  • New Relic


More Updates

  • Google Sheets: New collections cards added
  • JIRA: FLOs made with the old JIRA connector will continue to work, but new FLOs can only be built with JIRA 2.0
  • Minor updates to Desk, Eloqua, Harvest, Intercom, Stripe, Whispir, and Yammer.

This is just the beginning for 2017, so make sure to keep checking back for more info.

If you would like to see the rest of the pre-built connectors that Azuqua offers, click here. »