This month, Azuqua has officially hit 80 total connectors (actually 81, to be precise)! A great way to end 2016, for sure. Just wait until you see what we have in store for 2017!

This post takes the place of FLO of the week. FOTW posts will be back on schedule next week.

Read below to learn more about the connectors released this month and other updates.

December’s Featured Connectors

Oracle Sales Cloud

Use Azuqua with Oracle Sales Cloud and leverage the entire Oracle ecosystem of sales tools. Sales Cloud is able to take advantage of Oracle’s comprehensive product portfolio and offers pre-configured solutions. Azuqua can connect your existing Sales Cloud account to the rest of your architecture and make sure your entire company stays up-to-date with sales.

Start workflows when records are updated, search records to find whatever you need, create records based on info from other applications, and more.



SharePoint Foundation 2010

Use Azuqua with SharePoint Foundation 2010 and enable team collaboration throughout your company. SharePoint empowers individuals, teams and organizations to discover, share, and collaborate on content from anywhere.

The SharePoint connector can leverage file-sharing and file-management services used in your company (like OneDrive) as well as integrating with the rest of your business applications to make sure your collaborative efforts reach the entire company.


AWS Lambda

Use Azuqua with AWS Lambda and integrate your current solutions with the Azuqua platform quickly and easily. Azuqua doesn’t make you change your existing code and instead is able to leverage it throughout the entire platform.

From any workflow inside Azuqua, invoke any one of the many functions in your Lambda account. You can also call up at the entire list of your functions whenever you need.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Using Azuqua with Dynamics CRM allows you to connect the rest of your applications to your customer relationship management solution quickly and easily. Connect all your customer information, automate customer interactions, and enable service representatives to be responsive immediately. Create connections between your CRM team and the rest of your teams.

Start workflows when records are updated, search records to find whatever you need, create records based on info from other applications, and more.

Other New Connectors This Month

  • Bing
  • DataDog
  • Excel Online
  • Expensify
  • Mavenlink
  • Proof HQ
  • SFTP
  • Splunk


Other Updates

  • Box: Updated with a new “Upload File” action
  • Cvent: Updated with custom fields in “Create Meeting Request”
  • Slack: Updated with a “Get Messages” action
  • Wrike: Updated with a new “Search Task” action
  • Zendesk: Updated with new a new “Get Ticket Attachments” action
  • Assorted bug fixes and other features

Azuqua has had a great 2016 adding more and more connectors every single month. We have even more planned in 2017, so stay tuned!

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