We have a lot of exciting new connectors that just became available on the Azuqua platform.


Wufoo is an incredibly easy-to-use form and survey creator. It’s now even more powerful with Azuqua because you can easily extract from any Wufoo form or even enter data into Wufoo forms.

Key Scenarios:

  • Automatically create a new row in a Google Sheet when a Wufoo form is submitted.


    This is incredibly useful as you can automatically update graphs as survey data is submitted.

  • Embed Wufoo forms into your mobile app


    With Azuqua, you can easily link a form in your mobile app to Wufoo. Simply create a form in your mobile app that calls an Azuqua API endpoint that triggers a FLO that submits the data from your mobile app into the Wufoo form.


PagerDuty is a great digital operations management system that is even greater when integrated into your technical escalation workflows with Azuqua.

Azuqua can now monitor for new incidents in PagerDuty as well as perform 11 different actions within any FLO:


PagerDuty has many native integrations with various apps like Slack and Jira, but Azuqua lets you set up complex rules that blend all the tools at your disposal.

You can send emails to certain teams for non-urgent issues while Slacking certain individuals during the day, but SMS-ing them during off-hours. You can also keep track of incidents in any reporting tool you’d like to use such as a simple spreadsheet.


Shopify and Azuqua make ecommerce even more powerful together. With Azuqua, you can integrate Shopify into a seamless customer experience.

Here are the new monitors (triggers that kick off FLOs) that are available:

Along with these actions (application operations taken in the middle of a FLO):

Key Scenarios:

  • Unified customer experience.
    Connect your ecommerce platform with your CRM and support ticketing system so that customers never have to repeat their phone number multiple times, can get the support they need via any medium, and have a great experience the whole time.
  • Immediately responsive supply chain.
    Connect Shopify to your inventory management system or your project management systems. If a customer tries to buy something that you’re low in stock on, immediately escalate the issue to meet demand as quickly as possible by Slacking/SMSing/emailing relevant parties and triggering a new purchase workflow in your project management solution.
  • Synchronized customer data across systems.
    Make sure customer data across Shopify, email, marketing automation, CRM, ERP, and internal databases have all the right information in real-time.

Atlassian Confluence

Azuqua has connected to Jira and Hipchat since the early days, but we’re really rounding out our Atlassian portfolio with the addition of Confluence. You can now integrate Confluence into any Azuqua FLO.

You can now monitor for new or updated content in Confluence and perform these actions:

Try these out for yourself at by signing up for a trial.