This week, the Azuqua team (Skyler Hartle, Growth Manager, and Phill Ramey, Customer Success Manager) competed against 20+ teams at GE’s Minds & Machines Hackathon in San Francisco to win the grand prize of $25,000.

Skyler Hartle Phill Ramey

Despite being one of the smallest teams competing against groups of mostly 5-6 people, the Azuqua team was able to create the winning Industrial IoT solution because not only are Skyler and Phill amazing engineers but also because Azuqua really does help developers build faster and with fewer resources than what is otherwise possible.

In 24 hours, they were able to build an app on that automatically sensed machines malfunctioning, found the closest maintenance rep, and deployed that rep. The app needed to take in a variety of sensors, geolocate reps, calculate not only distance but time for travel, process complex logic, and alert the reps using a simple UI. As amazing as our engineers are, this would not have been possible to complete in such a short period of time without Azuqua.

Skyler and Phill will publish a longer form blog post about the technical details of the solution next week, but here are some photos in the meanwhile.

Hackathon Finalists

Azuqua on stage