Today, we announced our new collaboration with Pivotal, the company accelerating digital transformation for enterprises (read the full press release Azuqua and Pivotal Join Forces to Connect Cloud Native Applications with Enterprise Systems at Fortune 1000 Companies). Azuqua rapidly connects applications built on Pivotal Cloud Foundry with an ecosystem of microservices, user data, and commercial SaaS solutions.

The use cases that this relationship opens are incredibly exciting for any company looking to transform the way they run their business with fast, agile technological infrastructure.

[sg_popup id=3] For example, GE is already reaping the benefits of the Pivotal-Azuqua collaboration. GE created Predix, the leading development platform for the Industrial Internet, on Pivotal Cloud Foundry and leveraged as the integration solution for both internal GE teams and external applications built on Predix.

“At GE, we chose to build Predix, GE’s platform for the Industrial Internet, on Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Azuqua as the workflow provider within Predix. The combination of these two tools empowers our developers to create powerful, robust industrial IoT applications faster,” said Hima Mukkamala, Head of Predix Platform Engineering.

The launch of Azuqua in the Pivotal ecosystem means enterprises can leverage Azuqua’s powerful workflow engine to:

  • quickly connect their own applications and data to their commercial cloud solutions (SaaS),
  • trigger custom workflows that can be designed by end users, and
  • combine internal microservices with Pivotal Cloud Foundry applications to better respond to rapidly changing customer needs

Like everything with Azuqua, getting started is fast. Just follow these steps:

  1. If you haven’t already, register for Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Azuqua.
  2. Download the Azuqua tile from the Pivotal Network.
  3. Install Azuqua from your PCF Ops Manager.

For more detailed installation instructions, see the our documentationhere.

To learn more about the Pivotal-Azuqua integration, see our connector page here.