Sometimes you have business systems or software that are unique to your company. Today, you’ve got reason to celebrate, because Azuqua now connects to any API. As long as an API is provided, all your systems can join the integration party.

What this means for you: your business intelligence just got a whole lot better. Azuqua bridges the gap between your first-party data and services and into the commercial applications that you use on a daily basis. If your system has an API, you can now use Azuqua to get information from that system and move it across your cloud applications.

It also works the other way around. Azuqua FLOs can now be called as API endpoints, meaning that you can transmit data directly from the web into a FLO, and into your SaaS applications (more below).

The power of APIs is well-known in opening up data stored in databases or combining your home-grown services with other systems of value. If the party is about integration, then APIs are your invite.

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How It Works:

Set Azuqua to submit requests to your RESTful APIs with a post, get or put. Use dynamic data variables from your other cloud apps to customize your query. This bridges the gap between your own systems and the software that your business teams use to make decisions.


It goes in reverse too: FLOs can now be accessed through API endpoints. This means that you can now run a FLO using information submitted through a webpage.

A Short Example:

Set up a webpage with an input box, and then feed this information to a FLO that then updates multiple applications. Imagine if you could press “send” on the form below and simultaneously create a new contact in Zendesk, Salesforce, Jira and more with a single click. This is a reality with the new Azuqua engine.

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