Eliminate repetitive manual tasks and turn on greater user efficiency across sheets.

Using Azuqua you can build automated workflows to perform this lookup and copy-paste functionality enabling you to spend more time on value added activities.

With Azuqua + Smartsheet you can automate lookup of data from one or many sheets and copy-paste the located data to the desired locations.

In Smartsheet, when a user makes an update, Azuqua can automatically use the data from that row to locate matches to that data in one or multiple different sheets. If a match is found Azuqua can copy-paste that data back into the sheet where the update occurred. User initiated tasks can be, but are not limited to the following:

  • New Row added to a sheet
  • Status changes from a dropdown list
  • Values changes to any cell of a row

And more…

Stop performing manual tasks and join the many who have taken that next step and turn your company into a more responsive and effective enterprise today.